Too much knowledge out there to get paid (well)

The internet’s a great thing, with the spread of knowledge etc.

But one of the downsides is perhaps that everyone knows a little bit more about everything, so an individual proportionally has less additional knowledge than others on their specialist subject.

For example, a doctor now has to listen to his/her patient’s own analysis or suggestion from the internet about the possibilities of what’s wrong with them; a journalist is now rivalled by not a manageable community of journalists but 100,000′s of people with their pretty well informed opinion about an issue; a photographer is now not unsual in the sense that we, millions of people, take pictures of everything and share them – so a news story of a crime is more likely now to be covered by footage of a random passer-by than a professional.

OK, doctors still have to be highly qualified and complete years of study to become doctors, top journalists still emerge and get well paid for TV and newspaper work and photographers can do good business now on the wedding scene, but one things for sure, there’s no room for complacency now if you want to get into a profession, just gotta work!

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