The samplers… and the originators.

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This week I taught some children about sampling, how artists have taken parts of songs from the past and created new songs from them, often very successful ones!
Have a listen to songs a) James Brown – The Payback; b) David McCallum – The Edge; c) Andrew Oldham Orchestra – The Last Time (arrangement of a Rolling Stones song); d) The Chi-Lites – Are You My Woman? … Have a think if you’d already heard some of these in other famous songs…

Now let’s listen one by one to these songs: 1) Beyonce – Crazy in Love; 2) Massive Attack – Protection; 3) The Verve – Bitter Sweet Symphony; 4) Dr Dre (featuring Snoop Dogg) – The Next Episode

Which songs sampled from the songs a) b) c) d) ? I’m sure you’ll work it out, not too difficult!

If you want to try an extra one, here is an original track by Isaac Hayes. Two 1990s Trip Hop artists sampled it in their hits… who?

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