The UK system for housing and childcare does not work for the aspiring middle classes


Here I’m referring to middle class in the British sense of between working class and upper class. Not in the American sense of working class.

A problem at the moment for parents who’ve managed to scrape together enough to buy a flat is that often they don’t have enough money to pay for private childcare, but they don’t qualify for free childcare (between the ages of 2 and 3).

Another problem an aspiring middle class family face is if they have more children, they are not able to move somewhere bigger unless they significantly increase their income, which is unlikely. Ironically, a working class family with lower wages and perhaps one parent unemployed, they are able to have free childcare from 2 years old and if they have more children, it’s likely they’ll be able to move to a larger property through the council.

Of course it’s silly to focus everything on the lower and middle waged classes and not look at the rich high earners – the big bosses and city financiers really have to make a large contribution to equalise our society. It’s just that living on the outskirts of London, I do find it strange that our family at the moment will struggle to have any sort of garden in the next ten years whereas if we actually had less and qualified for social housing, having a garden would be more likely. And all the plumbing costs and extra expenses that we pay when things go wrong, would be free.

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