Pay by phone frustration

tech difficulties

[Am paying for parking but my reg number and card details are different from when I last used the service]
It would have been easier if I were a new user, but as it recognises my phone number, it doesn’t give me options to be a new user. The computer says:
“To change your credit card details, please give us the 16 digit number of your old card.” But I don’t have that, because I don’t use that card anymore – I wasn’t expecting to have to retain information about an old card.
I manage to get through to a human, and she says, no problem, just go back and press * then select change credit card details. So I tried that, it didn’t work, I was back in the loop.

Another similar experience I had recently was I was registering with an agency for work. They told me they’d sent me login details so I could upload documents to my profile. I said I didn’t have the login details so they said, no problem, click a RESET password link from an email. I click the link and as I get to the designated page it says “Username not recognised” (which is just supposed to be my email address, that they have). This cycle goes on 2 or three times, the employee of the agency sending me the same link over and over.

Got that “Computer says No” feeling!

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