Words of wisdom from Blues/Jazz guitarist Robben Ford

jazzed blues chords robben
First memorable quote… I paraphrase… “Just work it out, how to mute strings… I did!” [1:50]
Second thing to remember: major sevenths are symbolised by a triangle or the letters Maj. But if it doesn’t say Amaj9 but simply A9, that means there must be a flat 7th in the chord (dominant chord)… part of the mixolydian mode [4:03]
Watch “Jazzed Blues Chords – Robben Ford’s Blues Revolution

Trying to learn about submitting Stock Audio and Library Music

Stock audio, royalty free, non-exclusive or exclusive agreements… these are buzz words I’m finding out about. I’m looking at these sites and trying to see which works best for me:
Audio Jungle
Production Trax
Pond 5
Premium Beat
Music Vine Licensing fees: non-exclusive contract: 35% to artist. Exclusive contract 60% to artist.
Audio Sparx
Epidemic Sound
Pump Audio Licensing fees: non-exclusive contract: 35% to artist
Crucial Music
Tune Fruit