Best “Tierce de Picardie” in Pop Music

A Tierce de Picardie (otherwise known as Picardy cadence/third) is where a piece of music that’s been in a minor key all the way through then suddenly ends on the corresponding major key. The following songs do this to varying degrees, in the sense that sometimes the major chord has already been introduced earlier, but the first two songs are particularly good examples:

Lionel Richie – Hello

The Beatles – And I Love Her

Seal – Kiss from a Rose (sort of)

Roberta Flack – Killing me Softly with his Song

All songs in Am – All the Things You Are

I thought it’d be useful to put some jazz songs all in the same key of A minor so the student can learn the same shapes consistently before moving on to another key. So here is All the Things You Are – not the simplest of songs because it changes key a lot within the song, but nothing’s a doddle in jazz playing so just get stuck in!

All Songs in Am – All the Things You Are

HFW Takeover

hf collage
I see on the BBC website today most programmes are about or presented by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. I wonder what a world would be like with HFW as President? Or a head to head with HFW president of Europe versus President Trump? Is the world ready for a nice guy leader, encouraging our daily use of organic food and living sustainably?

Using the code of officialdom you have inherited

Helping correct a friend’s job application, it makes me think how we hark back to old codes of power and authority through language. I have to make sure that I use for example words like “moreover” that we never use in spoken language. and the funny thing is, the person who is reading the application letter also probably feels like a young spring chicken who has to pretend to be a big authoritarian ogre. That always makes me think of Emmanuel Macron, adopting big Presidential mannerisms and behaviour when he is 40 years old and probably feels 25 inside!

Why people like a StrongMan… Trump, Rambo, 007…

Trambo - Farage007
It’s interesting that this “Rambo” imagery is used with Trump’s face. In the original book First Blood (on which the movie is based), it’s stated that Rambo is of native American and German descent but in the making of the film they decided that Sylvester Stallone didn’t look German so they made the character half Italian, half Navajo.
So in a way, this imagery of a Rambo body with “German” looking Trump reinforces the white Supremacist/ Pro American message more than brown eyed Rambo.

Too much knowledge out there to get paid (well)

The internet’s a great thing, with the spread of knowledge etc.

But one of the downsides is perhaps that everyone knows a little bit more about everything, so an individual proportionally has less additional knowledge than others on their specialist subject.

For example, a doctor now has to listen to his/her patient’s own analysis or suggestion from the internet about the possibilities of what’s wrong with them; a journalist is now rivalled by not a manageable community of journalists but 100,000′s of people with their pretty well informed opinion about an issue; a photographer is now not unsual in the sense that we, millions of people, take pictures of everything and share them – so a news story of a crime is more likely now to be covered by footage of a random passer-by than a professional.

OK, doctors still have to be highly qualified and complete years of study to become doctors, top journalists still emerge and get well paid for TV and newspaper work and photographers can do good business now on the wedding scene, but one things for sure, there’s no room for complacency now if you want to get into a profession, just gotta work!

Daily Modes

I think today I will start my Daily Modes series. This is where I will post different modal phrases on the guitar for the enjoyment and education of those passionate guitar learners! I’m sure it won’t be a daily post, but “Weekly Modes” doesn’t sound as good. It’s like, you want your daily eggs on toast, your daily paper, your daily… MODES!

Here is my first one, D Mixolydian.

Daily Modes - D Mixolydian I

Click here for mp3 of above.

And if you’d like to set the atmosphere first so you can really feel the mixolydian mode, try this:

Daily Modes - D Mixolydian Groove

Click here for mp3 of above.