Why I couldn’t care less who has won the Premier League, The Champions League… or anything similar

champions league premier league
When I was a child in the 80′s I liked football. I was excited to watch Liverpool on TV – and top matches were also not something you could get on tap like you can now, so you appreciated it more.
What I dislike the most about top football today is that you are watching multi-national companies, or at least, clubs with the power of a multi-national brand.
In the early to mid 90′s, Rupert Murdoch’s Sky acquired the rights to broadcast the Premier League. I’m sure he had a great business plan, and executed it brilliantly – but the result of what happened then has now made football an exclusive, money-driven industry, where top teams are not really from anywhere, they are teams and managers dictated by the highest bidder, and poor countries simply watch in envy, never able to build their football cultures to compete – another example of neo-liberalism ruling all!