Jamal Khashoggi

The terrible fate of Jamal Khashoggi (1958-2018) has been widely discussed in the past month. He was obviously a journalist who challenged the Saudi establishment. Reading about his close family members though, it’s a bit unclear exactly how he was related to certain people.

One fact widely reported is that he is first cousin of Dodi Fayed (1955-1997) and nephew of billionaire arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi (1935-2017). There are other reports that Jamal was a cousin of Adnan.

What seems clear is that his parents were Ahmad Khashoggi (owner of a fabric shop, as reported by The Guardian on 19th Oct) and Esaaf Daftar.

It’s reported that his grandfather was prominent doctor Muhammad Khashoggi, but the confusing thing is that when you look at the list of Muhammad’s children, they are Adnan Khashoggi, Samira Khashoggi (1935-1986, briefly married to Mohamed Al-Fayed), Essam Khashoggi, Adil Khashoggi, Assia Khashoggi, and Soheir Khashoggi. This list does not contain Jamal’s father Ahmad, so it’s unclear how his close family fits into Muhammad’s family.

FUZE basic code!

With my constantly fluctuating teaching career, the latest thing I’ve got involved in is BASIC coding with kids. When I first looked at the code yesterday it threw me back to more than 30 years ago when I had a ZX Spectrum and wrote eccentric programs like how to make past participles when you input French infinitive verbs.

It’s great that kids are now being encouraged again to be creative and not just be “users”.

Here is the FUZE basic code I helped the school kids with yesterday:

PRINT “Welcome to the quiz – I am your host, THE FUZE. ”
WAIT( 1 )
PRINT “These questions are TRUE or FALSE answers. ”
WAIT( 1 )
INPUT “Question 1. PIKACHU is an Electric type Pokemon,
TRUE or FALSE? “, answer$
WAIT( 1 )
IF answer$ = “TRUE” THEN
PRINT “CORRECT! PIKACHU is an Electric type! ”
IF answer$ = “FALSE” THEN
PRINT “INCORRECT! Better luck next time! ”
WAIT ( 1 )
PRINT “Let’s see how well you did. “
WAIT ( 1 )
PRINT “You scored “; SCORE ;” out of 1. “
WAIT ( 1 )
PRINT “Well done! Full marks! “
PRINT “0 Marks! Better luck next time!

The UK system for housing and childcare does not work for the aspiring middle classes


Here I’m referring to middle class in the British sense of between working class and upper class. Not in the American sense of working class.

A problem at the moment for parents who’ve managed to scrape together enough to buy a flat is that often they don’t have enough money to pay for private childcare, but they don’t qualify for free childcare (between the ages of 2 and 3).

Another problem an aspiring middle class family face is if they have more children, they are not able to move somewhere bigger unless they significantly increase their income, which is unlikely. Ironically, a working class family with lower wages and perhaps one parent unemployed, they are able to have free childcare from 2 years old and if they have more children, it’s likely they’ll be able to move to a larger property through the council.

Of course it’s silly to focus everything on the lower and middle waged classes and not look at the rich high earners – the big bosses and city financiers really have to make a large contribution to equalise our society. It’s just that living on the outskirts of London, I do find it strange that our family at the moment will struggle to have any sort of garden in the next ten years whereas if we actually had less and qualified for social housing, having a garden would be more likely. And all the plumbing costs and extra expenses that we pay when things go wrong, would be free.


Through my recent professional life working in various schools as a supply TA, I’ve come across different expressions to describe children’s psychological, mental, social or physical state.
I’m still getting my head around the classification S.E.M.H. – Social Emotional and Mental Health. I’ve seen pupils in both mainstream and Special Needs schools that can be classified in such a way. It obviously covers a broad set of conditions… and sometimes children who might have been expelled from a previous school for bad behaviour could be diagnosed as having SEMH but there is a more specific classification for behavioural issues, that’s SEBD – Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties. When you throw ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) into the mix of possibilities, it’s a confusing pot of ingredients. In a sense, the metaphor works well because it’s like a reverse process, the person is a soup fully formed, consisting of many ingredients. To then guess correctly as to what those ingredients are is a very very difficult task.
By the way, with the overarching term for Special Needs being S.E.N.D (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities – or simply SEN without the latter), here are some other acronyms that might crop up if you go into this line of work:

MLD – Mild Learning Difficulties
SLD – Severe Learning Difficulties
SLCN – Speech, Language and Communication Needs
MSI – Multi-Sensory Impairment
HI – Hearing Impairment
VI – Visual Impairment
OT – Occupational Therapy
GDD – Global Developmental Delay
ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

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Rotate vertical image so it uploads correctly in WordPress

Let me just check this works…

Right, if your image is uploading horizontally instead of vertically, click the left tab Media, go to the offending picture, click edit, then under the image, click “Edit Image”. Above the image you’ll now see rotate symbols for clockwise or anti-clockwise. Click the relevant direction, click “Save” below the image and then on the far right of the screen, click “Update”.

Your new image should now have been rotated like this:

Now it’s quite likely that the image you’d already put on your blog is still showing the wrong way even after you’ve refreshed it, so go to the HTML code and highlight the text starting “<a href=” and ending “</a>” like this:
beer - edit text
Then click Add Media and add again that same image – it will replace what’s highlighted in your code. Save and Preview the page – it should now work! Of course then Publish to get it online!

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A meeting for Language Geeks

20181110_152227Well that’s a bit harsh. Let’s say Language enthusiasts! Anyway being a geek these days isn’t such a bad thing. .. i guess computer geeks are on average paid a lot more than language geeks!
The Language Show is held at The Olympia centre Kensington every year. The Conference Centre holds everything from Fertility and Wedding conferences through to guitar and drums exhibitions and fashion events. Its a part of Kensington that pretty much never sleeps. .. and now theres a nice and convenient Overground train station right next to it!

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Terrible Photoshopping

Terrible bruising here… truly a bad day for Peter Jones! This was spam advertising on my Yahoo Mail! And the one on the right – has he smeared orange on his face – or is it a sunbed malfunction?

peter jones 2
Even more shocking here, not only bruised but greying and with toupee!

Here Peter is joined by an even more famous bruised celeb – this Photoshop artist is the master of realism! Poor poor Jamie… had he perhaps stepped on Gordon Ramsay’s toes?

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