We’re all a lot more complex and capable than the nay-sayers say we are. Don’t fall for the mentality “they’re all stupid” wherever they’re from. For example, just because they live in a western country, don’t expect people to have views more “of a ‘higher purpose” than anywhere else. The act of pigeon-holing a group of people from anywhere is an act of prejudice.

Gatwick TS

Picking someone up from a Vueling flight at Gatwick. Ticket says Gatwick TS. It’s not immediately apparent what that means when I Google it, but then I learn it means Terminal South. Not sure why adjective is after noun here, maybe because from Paris so Terminal Sud. Anyway maybe this’ll pick up on a search engine. God now I’ve really learnt to start writing vapid blog entries!

Isn’t the internet a funny place – corroboration unnecessary!

bob marley fake song
A YouTube video with millions of views can be mislabelled, it really doesn’t matter! There’s a video with 1.8 million views (July 2018) sure to keep rising to several million, of the UB40 song (originally Neil Diamond) Red Red Wine. The title is Bob Marley – Red Red Wine.
So I guess the process for the average user is – well I like reggae, I like that song… I don’t think Bob Marley sang it but anyway, let’s click and see! And then pretty much everyone comments, “It’s not Bob Marley, it’s UB40″. But ultimately it doesn’t matter because people like listening to the song. Funny old cyberworld!

Acting is part of life

It’s not that you’re being disingenuous if you force a smile. You have to get into different emotional states to function as a human.

For example if you always follow an instinct to argue and find annoyance with those close to you,you are not learning to compromise. Smiling, calming the situation and being able to call a truce actually helps you grow.

In a group, joining in is a skill we learn from toddler age up. It’s naive to say “Just be yourself”. To change your behaviour depending on the context and situation is how we survive socially. And changing your behaviour is in fact, acting. The acting in a way persuades ourselves that we feel what we are projecting.