The same thing that could make it easy for one person could make it harder for another. In a couple for example, you could facilitate your partner’s career, but it might be at the expense of sacrifices you have to make, or your family have to make. There is a push and pull in life. We must somehow find a balance!

The morals of artists/actors accepting certain jobs/gigs… should I do it?

We’ve all heard of the big pop stars who go and play for big money for dodgy dictators. But what about those little moral quandaries minor artists face all the time… should I take part in a suspect production where the motivations are murky… but I need the money, I’m a hard-up artist!

I see these trashy channels on cable or freeview where they show non-stop “real crime” dramas and documentaries. It’s basically voyeurism, titillation and exploitation, and there seems to be a system where recent prominent media murders are soon promptly processed into this format to make a quick buck. Now imagine you’re an actor who never wants to turn down work because you have bills like everyone else. So let’s say you’re offered £1000 to do a voiceover of a particular real crime format – perhaps a day’s work – are you going to turn it down?