I remember a few years ago watching Supernanny, seeing how child expert Jo Frost would go into problem families and help parents deal with and solve their children’s difficult behaviour.
Now I’m bringing up my own child there are moments that remind me of a particular aspect of her programme, when she asks the young child (or asks the parent to ask the child) to apologize. I thought then, and I do now, that it’s a lot for a child to process when they’ve just learnt the basic of speech. You’re asking them first to acknowledge they’ve done something wrong, then understand they’re going to say a word that will somehow negate or forgive (quite religious!) what they’ve done. And then when they’ve understood that, they need to say a word which sounds completely different from the word “Apologize”… “Sorry!”

I think what makes children learn language and culture so quickly is that they’re expected to pick up so many subtleties at a great pace… necessity is not only the mother of invention but also of learning!

Retro key changes

fireman-sam-old and new
Started watching Fireman Sam with my young son… it’s a computer animated children’s programme… and as a musician I was surprised to hear so many key changes in the theme song – seemed unusual for this day and age. Then through YouTube it all made sense because we started watching the old Fireman Sam that was made from 1987 until about 1993. The theme song was very 80′s, very Level 42, with key changes, slap bass, synthesisers and a soothing vocal top line reminiscent of Mike Lindup (L42!). So, the modulations in the modern Fireman Sam theme now make sense!