A typical bin full of plastic supermarket packaging

It’s a typical loop of problems and behaviour. We want cheapish and convenient food so we go to supermarkets. They stock things in plastic because it’s more convenient for them and probably helps them pass certain hygiene regulations more easily too. We go home and try to put certain types of plastic bottles and containers into our recycling (which is probably not much of an energy efficient system anyway) but we can’t recycle most of the plastic packaging thst goes on the fruit and vegetables plus other plastic sachets for sauces, bags for pasta… pitta bread… the list goes on.
It’s particularly bad though when items are individually wrapped in plastic within more plastic packaging… modern madness!
Even with the regular recycling of cardboard, paper and glass, this is just a stop gap solution… it doesn’t address the real problem… packaging fullstop is damaging the environment because of the energy consumption itself of either making or recycling it. And that’s before we look at transportation of goods…

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Consuming less would solve many problems, but can we?

Head shower

The world’s resources is a big subject, maybe the biggest. But even looking at an individual, micro level, we could ask – why are there so many more obese people in the West than there used to be? People can exercise as much as they like, but eating too much will always “outweigh” most people’s efforts to drag themselves down to the gym, jog or cycle.

So looking more on a macro level, we can work out wonderful ways of recycling, but our consumption of resources and desire to consume are the main problems we deal with. It’s become an old cliche that we should eat locally sourced food but it is actually true. If we transport things across the country or across the world that we don’t really need, we are putting transport and energy pollution out there non-stop.

“Need” is the operative word though. What is need? To just simply survive? No, people want to enjoy life, experience things. And If I want to buy a Spanish wine then I want to buy a Spanish wine.

You’re Worth It
That occasional day you want to let the shower run… definitely more water than necessary, but what the hell, throw caution to the wind! And those special spa days when you use many more creams than you need. That lavish dinner in a posh restaurant… yes it goes against your left wing roots, but it feels good!