Lingua franca love

In a diverse city like London, you see many “mixed” couples, as in, people from different countries and cultures getting together.

I find it fascinating how they communicate. You would think the most intimate thing between two people is the language, the communication they exchange. Of course, most people in the world get together with someone who shares the same native tongue. And I guess you also get a common situation where one person moves to the country of their partner, and learns the native language of their partner.

But when two people meet in a new city, and the language they communicate is neither of their native tongues… I’m fascinated to think of how they develop their intimacy. In a way, they are learning about this new culture together, and their love is growing at the same time.

Let’s take a random example of a Polish person and a Brazilian person meeting in London. They will have such different native cultures and traditions, but here their love grows in English and their shared world is English.

Of course, the community they are in are also likely to be highly multi-cultural. Many of them will speak a type of English without many of the idioms and sayings that native people usually use, but at the same time, they will bring in influences from their own countries and languages.

to be continued…

Descending Elfman

In the midst of a Christmas-Fest-TV spree, I was watching Scrooged… and suddenly heard a very familiar pattern. The Bill Murray remodelling of the Christmas Carol story has an orchestral soundtrack that occasionally features a quick descending arpeggio (or scale?) over some sort of flat 5 chord, exactly like a descending line heard in the opening music of the Simpsons.

I quickly profitted from the availability of access to the all-knowing Google, typed in “simpsons music” and “scrooged music”… and hey presto, the same result… Danny Elfman (according to our other net god, Wikipedia)! And not only that, both themes were composed or at least recorded in the same year, 1989… jackpot!

Nice to know my brain can join some dots not already autojoined by the ether gods!

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