Rotate vertical image so it uploads correctly in WordPress

Let me just check this works…

Right, if your image is uploading horizontally instead of vertically, click the left tab Media, go to the offending picture, click edit, then under the image, click “Edit Image”. Above the image you’ll now see rotate symbols for clockwise or anti-clockwise. Click the relevant direction, click “Save” below the image and then on the far right of the screen, click “Update”.

Your new image should now have been rotated like this:

Now it’s quite likely that the image you’d already put on your blog is still showing the wrong way even after you’ve refreshed it, so go to the HTML code and highlight the text starting “<a href=” and ending “</a>” like this:
beer - edit text
Then click Add Media and add again that same image – it will replace what’s highlighted in your code. Save and Preview the page – it should now work! Of course then Publish to get it online!

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A meeting for Language Geeks

20181110_152227Well that’s a bit harsh. Let’s say Language enthusiasts! Anyway being a geek these days isn’t such a bad thing. .. i guess computer geeks are on average paid a lot more than language geeks!
The Language Show is held at The Olympia centre Kensington every year. The Conference Centre holds everything from Fertility and Wedding conferences through to guitar and drums exhibitions and fashion events. Its a part of Kensington that pretty much never sleeps. .. and now theres a nice and convenient Overground train station right next to it!

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Terrible Photoshopping

Terrible bruising here… truly a bad day for Peter Jones! This was spam advertising on my Yahoo Mail! And the one on the right – has he smeared orange on his face – or is it a sunbed malfunction?

peter jones 2
Even more shocking here, not only bruised but greying and with toupee!

Here Peter is joined by an even more famous bruised celeb – this Photoshop artist is the master of realism! Poor poor Jamie… had he perhaps stepped on Gordon Ramsay’s toes?

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A typical bin full of plastic supermarket packaging

It’s a typical loop of problems and behaviour. We want cheapish and convenient food so we go to supermarkets. They stock things in plastic because it’s more convenient for them and probably helps them pass certain hygiene regulations more easily too. We go home and try to put certain types of plastic bottles and containers into our recycling (which is probably not much of an energy efficient system anyway) but we can’t recycle most of the plastic packaging thst goes on the fruit and vegetables plus other plastic sachets for sauces, bags for pasta… pitta bread… the list goes on.
It’s particularly bad though when items are individually wrapped in plastic within more plastic packaging… modern madness!
Even with the regular recycling of cardboard, paper and glass, this is just a stop gap solution… it doesn’t address the real problem… packaging fullstop is damaging the environment because of the energy consumption itself of either making or recycling it. And that’s before we look at transportation of goods…

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20181030_120812What is our average idea of danger? What drives us to be scared of something? Is it always ultimately death that scares us or is it gradual pain? For example someone “living dangerously” mught not necessarily be courting death by driving carelessly or walking across a slippery mountaintop. .. they could be risking their relationship by flirting with others, etc… i.e. emotional danger.
But going back to a more traditional meaning of danger, why exactly do people start saying the world is becoming a dangerous place now? It’s true that Trump and other right wing and dictator-style leaders are encouraging a type of island and partisan mentality, so other people are scared to think what the future holds. But let’s not forget, in plenty of non western countries people have been in a living hell when family members have died of diseases, their villages slaughtered through civil war, their dignity degraded to nothing through poverty and lack of opportunity. Would those people say that only NOW is the world becoming a messed up, DANGEROUS place?


We’re all a lot more complex and capable than the nay-sayers say we are. Don’t fall for the mentality “they’re all stupid” wherever they’re from. For example, just because they live in a western country, don’t expect people to have views more “of a ‘higher purpose” than anywhere else. The act of pigeon-holing a group of people from anywhere is an act of prejudice.

Gatwick TS

Picking someone up from a Vueling flight at Gatwick. Ticket says Gatwick TS. It’s not immediately apparent what that means when I Google it, but then I learn it means Terminal South. Not sure why adjective is after noun here, maybe because from Paris so Terminal Sud. Anyway maybe this’ll pick up on a search engine. God now I’ve really learnt to start writing vapid blog entries!